About Us

About Us

Ja GiftPay is a freelance sales outlet for a number of Jamaican merchants. As a sales representative we are authorized by our registered merchants to advertise and sell their products and services via this android mobile app (Ja GiftPay J$).

Ja GiftPay App

Ja GiftPay J$ is an alternative sales gateway that facilitate the sales of our registered merchants' goods and services. To execute a payment the purchaser uses this app to create and send an Electronic Store Credit for specific amount to himself or to a third party via email and sms. This electronic store credit hereafter refer to as Ja GiftPay eGift Card is presented by the receiver to a name merchant or the merchant of his choice in exchange for goods or services.

This app "Ja GiftPay J$" is able to create two types of store credit; Open and Close.

The Open Store Credit aka DigiCash is a universal eGift card that is accepted at all our participating merchant stores. On the other hand, our Close Store Credit is a customized egift card that is accepted at a named merchant.

We believe that no shopper should pay to spend their money. As such, this service is totally free to shoppers. Yes, you may create and send Electronic Store Credits for free.

With a wide selection of goods to choose from in various categories such as fashion, beauty, food, sport, entertainment homeware, electronic and financial services, you can rest assured that this is the ultimate gift of choice.

Ja GiftPay is ideal for those who are hard to shop for and perfect for when you just want to surprise a loved one to purchase what they really want, as it takes the guess work out of gift shopping.

Who wouldn't be happy to go on a shopping spree?

So if you are looking for that special gift for someone's birthday, for a house warming, a graduation, or just looking to say "thank-you,"

is just for you.

The merchants represented are not sponsors of Ja Gift Pay or otherwise affiliated with Ja Gift Pay. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.
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