Why Us

The Ultimate Gift Of Choice 

Ja GiftPay Monetary eGift Card is the most flexible gift card that you can send to friends or loved ones. With a wide selection of goods to choose from in various categories such as fashion, beauty, food, sport, entertainment home ware, electronic and financial services, you can rest assured that this is the ultimate gift of choice.
Ja GiftPay Monetary eGift Card is ideal for those who are hard to shop for and perfect for when you just want to surprise a loved one to purchase what they really want, as it takes the guess work out of gift shopping! Who wouldn’t be happy to go on a shopping spree?
The Most Convenient Way to Send and Receive Monetary Value Instantly 
Ja GiftPay Monetary eGift Card allows people to send financial gifts to each other instantly at anytime and from anywhere.
No need to leave the comfort of your home
No need to join long lines
No need to visit remittance companies
Great for emergencies
⭐Fast as a telephone call
No need to pay expensive transfer fees
One Card For Any Occasions 
So make someone feel special by sending them a unique, customized e-Gift Card for that special occasion !
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Babies
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Anniversaries
  • Employee Rewards
  • And More!
Get Discount On Each Purchase
Shoppers!  Get discount and cashback on your purchase when you shop with Ja GiftPay Monetary eGift Card at our participating merchants stores. Yes! Shoppers we will ensure you get more for your money.
Merchant Get More Customers; Increase Sales
Yes!! Our online marketing strategies (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp and Google + etc) will definitely get your business notice.
We have built a sales website and social media platform for our  participating merchants  complete with each business profile and sales promotions. This allows thousands of shoppers to visit their businesses  and  easily access all the information they need to make a buying decision from a computer or mobile device.
A New Payment System
Shoppers are now able to make online and telephone purchases without using a credit card. Ja GiftPay Monetary eGift Card are easily created and transfer to merchants for the settlement of debts or for the payment of goods and services such as:
  • eCommerce
  • Donation
  • eTicket
  • Coupon
  • Gift Certificate
  • Meal Ticket
  • Gas Card
  • Fee
  • etc
Merchant Get Customised Shopping App
  • Merchant sign up with Ja GiftPay to become participating merchants
  • Merchant’s business is advertised on Ja GiftPay eStore
  • Each merchant receive a customized shopping app (Optional)
  • This app is tailored to each merchant taste and preferences. It promotes the merchant’s goods and services
  • It is an ecommerce payment system. Shoppers can use app to pay for the merchant’s products
  • Shoppers are able to create and send egift cards that can only be redeemed at merchant store. This will undoubtedly boost the merchant’s sales.
  • The app will be easily accessible as it will be publish on Google Play Store.
                         Download Now It’s Free
        Up to 30% Discount and Over 200 Stores

Delivering the Gift of Choice