redeem gift card

  1. Store Credit aka eGift Cards are purchased and sent to receiver
  2. eGift Cards are sent via email and sms
  3.  Receiver gets SMS with gift value ,passcode  and website link.
  4. Example of SMS  ( Your gift passcode for amount JMD250 is : R8Ktoc , For more info visit : )
  5. Customer receiving eGift Card  via email.
  6. Once you receive  your eGift Card you are now ready to redeem it at any one of our participating merchants.
  7. Please note that the passcode is all that is needed to transact business.
eGift Card provides the following information .
Here you find SENDER’S NAME and  PASSCODE which is use to redeem egift card .

Here you find 3 links to APP, WEBSITE and  MERCHANTS
Once receiver gets SMS and EMAIL or any one of the two he may redeem his eGift Card (Store Credit) at any one of our many participating merchants.
        Up to 30% Discount and Over 200 Stores

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