Hi there,

My name is Tekla, I wanted to reach out to you about a service I think you’d be very interested in. A service that can help you gain over 2,000+ new, active, super-targeted local and international shoppers every month.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ja GiftPay App ‘Ja GiftPay J$‘.

Ja GiftPay App

Ja GiftPay App is an android application that is used to facilitate the sales of our registered merchants’ goods and services via the purchasing and redeeming of Electronic Store Credits .

How does this work?

Our registered app users purchase store credits from you our registered merchants (via the app). They are then able to send these via email and sms to whomever they chose. Those individuals can now purchase the voucher’s worth of products from you on arrival at your store or via online order (whichever you facilitate).

We also provide personalized Electronic Store Credits. When we say ‘personalized’, we mean that you are able to customize your Electronic Store Credit to best express you. This automatically makes our customers unique marketing agents for your business with every customized Electronic Store Credit that they buy and send to their family, friends and love ones.

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What  ‘Ja GiftPay J$‘. can do for you

We will advertise and sell your products and services via our digital media namely: mobile app,  website ( and social media etc. This in-turn will:

  • Drive high quality customers to your business
  • Increase sales from customers looking for your products & services
  • Increase your brand recognition
  • Target both local & global customers
  • Increase profit

The customer’s use of our app and the customization of your store credit will provide a safer, quicker and more efficient way to do transactions.

Having this application as one of your tools in sales will provide you with a unique competitive advantage.

This list is just a the tip of the iceberg on the benefits you will experience using the Ja GiftPay App.

At Ja Giftpay we believe that having  a great product or service is one thing but getting it in hands of consumers is another thing.

Want more traffic and more sales for your store?

Of course you do. That’s why we are inviting you to become a part of our mobile shopping App – Ja GiftPay J$.

Take a demo Click the image above and try it for yourself.

We would love to come and make a personal demonstration to you.

Want become a registered merchant ?

Just click this link belowRegistered Merchant Sign up “.

Its that simple.

We look forward to helping you grow your business empire and develop a wonderful relationship. After all our success depends on yours.

Best Regards,

Tekla Johnson

Marketing Manager- Digital Business Development
Company: LiveX Limited
Contact #: 8765937200,

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