How does the Gift Card work?
As soon as you purchase an Gift Card, the recipient will receive same via SMS and Email. 
How do I redeem my Gift Card?
Let the merchant know that you are using Ja GiftPay Gift Card to make your purchases. The merchant will validate your payment request via our mobile App.
What do I do if I lose or delete the SMS with my Gift Card?
If you’re an existing user; log into our app to view gift card and pass code.  You may also check your email for gift card and pass code.
Does the Gift Card expire?
The amount loaded onto the Gift Card is valid indefinitely 
Can I top up an Gift Card?
No, but you may top up your gift wallet. In other words, you may add funds to your Ja GiftPay account
Is there a minimum purchase amount on the Gift Card?
The minimum transaction amount for each Gift Card  J$500. 
Is there a maximum limit on the Gift Card?
The maximum total aggregate amount that may be loaded onto an Gift Card is $120 000.00. 
Can I buy an Gift Card and give it to someone else?
Yes, of course! It’s the perfect birthday gift. The gift card is sent to your chosen recipient via a SMS  and email   with your personal message.
Do I have to spend the full amount all at once?
No, the difference will be transfer back to mobile wallet of the sender or receiver (if he is an existing registered user).

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