Ja GiftPay is a freelance sales outlet for a number of Jamaican merchants. As a sales representative we are authorized by our registered merchants to advertised and sell their products and services via our digital media namely: mobile app (Ja GiftPay J$), website ( and social media etc.
Ja GiftPay J$ is an android application that is used to facilitate the sales of our registered merchants’ goods and services. A sale is executed via the purchase of our merchants’ electronic store credits. Our app is used to purchase and redeem these Electronic Store Credits.
Electronic Store Credits from hereafter refer to as Ja GiftPay eGift Cards are electronic receipts for goods or services purchased from our registered merchants by our registered app users that have not been collected. The recipients of these store credits have the right to collect goods on the purchasers (registered app users) behalf.
With Ja GiftPay J$ registered app users are able to purchase our eGift Cards which are redeemable at our participating merchant stores. Yes! Ja GiftPay App allows it’s users to send eGift Cards to each other instantly at any time and from anywhere.
When we say ‘instant’, we mean that our registered app users can design, pay for and send our eGift Cards to themselves or a third party (for example family, friends, employees or love ones etc) via email and SMS using their  android smartphones. 
With a wide selection of goods to choose from in various categories such as fashion, beauty, food, sport, entertainment, electronic and financial services, you can rest assured that this is the ultimate gift of choice.
  • No need to leave the comfort of your home
  • No need to join long lines
  • No need to visit remittance companies
  • Great for emergencies
  • Fast as a telephone call
  • No need to pay expensive transfer feesl
Without a doubt, Ja GiftPay is the new and easy way to pay.
 Ja GiftPay is ideal for those who are hard to shop for and perfect for when you just want to surprise a loved one to purchase what they really want, as it takes the guess work out of gift shopping!
Who would not be happy to go on a shopping spree?
So if you are looking for that special gift for someone’s birthday, for a house warming, a graduation, or just looking to say “thank-you,” Ja GiftPay is just for you
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Delivering the Gift of Choice