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Calling All Merchants!

Get connected to thousands of Shoppers both local and international when you become one of our Participating Merchants.
We invite businesses of all kinds, from schools, micro-finance lenders, Super Markets, department stores, utilities providers, entertainment organisers, hotels, guest houses, attraction sites, tours & cruises organisers, pharmacies, boutiques and specialty shops, to gift shops, salons, barbers, spas, cafes, sport bars, and restaurants of all type to participate.

When You Participate, Everyone Wins!

You’ll enjoy more shoppers
Yes!! Our online marketing strategies (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp and Google + etc) will definitely get your business noticed.
Get listed on our mobile shopping App
Put your business in easy reach of hundreds of shoppers.
Get access to a new payment system
Enhance your e-commerce experience with our electronic store credit payment solution that facilitates online, offline and telephone sales.
A Unique e-Market
We build a unique website for our  participating merchants  complete with each business profile and sales promotion. This allows thousands of shoppers to browse for a place to shop and  easily access all the information they need to visit your business  from a computer or mobile device.
Partnering with us will drive traffic to your business. Millions of shoppers will discover your brand, service and products.
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