About Us

Ja GiftPay is the World’s Premiere Digital Monetary Exchange that provides facilities for the purchase, transfer and redemption of Electronic Gift Cards. At Ja GiftPay, shoppers are able to purchase electronic gift cards (digital money) which is redeemable at our registered merchant stores.  Ja GiftPay is without a doubt  the new and easy way to pay for goods and services.

Ja GiftPay App is an Android Super App connecting and supporting other  smaller Electronic Gift Card Payment Apps. Ja GiftPay App is used to create, send, receive and redeem personalized digital cash eGift Cards (hereafter refer to as DigiCash) that are accepted as a medium of exchange at participating merchants. Be it Universal or Customized, DigiCash is the gift of choice. With our apps shoppers are able to create and send any one of our two digital money to their family, friends and love ones via email or sms. 
DigiCash Universal 
 (J$ and US$) is our Digital Cash eGift Card that is accepted by all our participating merchants. Recipients are able to choose what they want to buy, when they want to buy it and who they wish to purchase it from. DigiCash Universal  is an ideal gift for that special occasion.
DigiCash Customized (J$ and US$) is our Digital Cash eGift Card that is personalized to a specific merchant. Recipient can create and send  eGift Cards that are only redeemed at the designated merchant’s store. For example; eGift Cards created using our Pizza Hut App can only be redeemed at Pizza Hut Stores.
You can even customize your Digicash to make it extra special with a greeting, message and photo! So if you are looking for that special gift for someone’s birthday, for a house warming, a graduation, or just looking to say “thank-you,” Digicash is just for you!
Ja GiftPay App Features
? User Friendly & Easy to Use Interface
? Wide Selection of Products & Categories
? Exclusive Offers and Deals for our Users
? Instant Delivery
? Safe and Secure
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